Welcome To Audio Reads

Greetings, my name is Faris and I welcome you to Audio Reads. To those who don’t know, I used to write reviews, news and anything related to games on A Gaming Nation website. I have a great bias towards Grand Strategy and Role Playing games such as Stellaris, Dragon Age, Fire Emblem and Mass Effect, just to name a few. As I spend my days as an IT Desk Engineer, I often equip my trusty pair of earpieces and fire up my Audible installed in my phone listening to the stories as I commute to work in the morning or while consuming lunch.

Creating Audio Reads is a little more intimate and personal for me this time around since books had been my entertainment since childhood. As I recall, back during my Primary school days when the Harry Potter books were widely popular, there I was, reading stories from good old Roald Dahl and various other authors which I often borrowed from the school library.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Danny the Champion of the World and Going Solo were my three favourites out of the entire Roald Dahl collection. I love those books so much that I often borrowed them multiple times from my school library just to read them again back home.

Here Lies Arthur which was written by Phillip Reeve was one of the first Historical Fiction books I fell in love with. A simple retelling of the famous legendary figure in the British Isles blew me away so hard that I can never forget the story even after completing it years before. I’ve been scouring this tiny island I call home for a physical copy of the book but, alas, my efforts have yet to bear any fruit.

Not forgetting C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, the books were my first glimpse into the Fantasy genre. Although I enjoyed all seven books, some titles in the series caught my attention the most as it described the world that the characters were in.

There are definitely more from where that came from and to list down all the books I read would be an entirely new post itself.

My aim for Audio Reads is to share my personal thoughts and opinions on any book that piqued my interest. In addition to that, I was planning to give a weekly recount of my Dungeon & Dragons group’s session. I picked the role of a Dungeon Master and I feel like becoming a DM is one of the most rewarding experience I ever had.

There are many things I’ve planned for Audio Reads which I hope will see the light of day but I will focus my attention on personal reviews on books that are either new or old, digital or physical, read or audio. So do join my journey on Audio Reads as I explore, hunt and review various books that I can lay my hands on.

Thank you and let us set sail on an epic journey together.


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